A Forever Literary Friend


A Forever Literary Friend

Who am I? I sit upon the shore all day smoking my corncob pipe:

a vice my adoptee says will secure my destiny in hell.

Don’t bother me with such drivel

I may not be educated from books or dress to impress the folks

or drop on my knees to pray for things that rightly, I will not own.

Who am I? I float on a raft down the Mississippi River:

with a friend in need and time on my hands.

while the river brings peace, the land brings fear.

I may be running from societal norms and rules

but I learn some valuable lessons along the way.

Who am I? I had a friend once whose head was full of stories:

but the long and short of it, he was no friend at all.

I was witness to many stupid ideas, trickery, lies and deceit

but through it all I found my inner compass.

Who am I? My creator, the author to my story:

breathed life into me one day and set me afloat

to stand up against bigotry, hatred, and lies

societal woes of the North and South.

History cannot deny my literary place on earth.

Who am I? My name is Huck! It’s mighty nice to meet you!

My try at an open form poem.

© Andrea Warren, June 9, 2013

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